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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

(Rev. Dr. Nicholas "Nick" Marica is a 70 year old pastor who was diagnosed with Covid-19 and Diabetes on Christmas Eve, 2020. He spent the next 6 months in three different hospitals. Their 35 year old daughter, Erin, subsequently passed due to Civid in September of 2020. This blog tells the story of the struggles his family endured.)

The low point came on February 17th. They had replaced the ventilator with a trachea. I went into cardiac arrest with a mucous block. The device that was supposed to save me gave me a heart attack. My heart had stopped. Two nurses who were in the room told me later the conclusion was I was gone. They had tried everything and nothing further could be done. Two minutes later, without any human intervention, my heart starting beating again.


The miracle prompted the staff to start calling me the "Miracle Man". Word got around. Several weeks later, an ambulance driver who was taking me to dialysis, exclaimed "WOW! You're the one in a million guy!

I have heard from others who were aware of my situation there was no possible way I should be alive; I should be dead and gone.

God had intervened and raised me from the dead. It was a miracle. He was not done with me.

It would not be the only miracle.


Rev. Dr. N. Patrick Marica contributes incisive Christian commentary on this blog on a regular basis. He is the Vice-Chancellor of Amherst Theological Seminary, and a D. Min. from Amherst Theological Seminary. He has his MA from Liberty University in Marriage and Family Therapy. He is the author of the book: "The Walk Applied". He has also written "The Fasting and Prayer Handbook". He has been married to Kathy since 1985. They have 2 adult daughters and an adult son.

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