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Rev. Dr. Nicholas "Nick" Marica is a 69 year old pastor who was diagnosed with Covid-19 and Diabetes on Christmas Day, 2020. He spent the next 6 months in three different hospitals. This blog tells the story of the struggles that he and his family endured.

The hated trachea would prove to be a constant bone of contention. Initially, I was told it would be permanent. It came with a diet of pureed food which is the equivalent of baby food. I told them I was not going to live on baby food the rest of my life. I was going to live a normal adult life. Later I was told that it could be temporary. I told them Yes, It will be temporary. There were only 4 different pureed meals that would be served in rotation day after day after day. One of the complications of Covid was the significant loss of muscle mass. I wasn’t getting “real” food, so my muscles kept deteriorating. Yet the staff was acting out of fear of another mucous block or that I would choke on “real” food. The trachea issue would haunt me for weeks. The issue with food would not be resolved until I moved to Virginia Baptist.


Rev. Dr. N. Patrick Marica contributes incisive Christian commentary on this blog on a regular basis. He is the Vice-Chancellor of Amherst Theological Seminary, and a D. Min. from Amherst Theological Seminary. He has his MA from Liberty University in Marriage and Family Therapy. He is the author of the book: "The Walk Applied". He has also written "The Fasting and Prayer Handbook" He is the Director of Godly Training Ministries. He has been married to Kathy since 1985. They have 2 adult daughters and an extraordinary son-in-law.

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